Our Products

In our bakery we craft our products the old fashioned way; love, joy and with passion.

We avoid the usage of preservatives and additives; many of our products are made to be enjoyed on the day they baked. The biscuits, rusks and longer life products we make won’t have the shelf life that you can expect from supermarket choices, but then again, we are certain our products will be enjoyed quickly in your home.

The flour we use in our bakery comes from the Champagne Valley Stonemill.

The wheat that is milled at Champagne Valley Stonemill, it is grown in the foothills of the Drakensberg by the Solms (my family) and the Sclanders families. The wheat is grown using environmentally conscious sustainable farming methods that conserve moisture and natural organic materials in the soil and is completely GMO free. Strict monitoring during the growth of the wheat ensures only the best and healthiest wheat is produced for the Mill. There is no need to bleach or include additives to improve the flour. The milling process is uniquely designed to produce a healthy flour for the perfect bake.

Brown, Cake, White flour


We specialise in crafting cakes for events and functions in a wide variety of flavours. We hand craft our figurines and we have a preference to hand paint our cake images and details.

  • Birthday cakes
  • Wedding cakes
  • Function cakes
  • Celebration cakes
  • Cake toppers

Please have a look at our gallery for a better overview of some of our work and abilities.

Other baked products

Like our family bakery in the Drakensberg, we produce a wide varitey of baked products to enjoy.

  • Milktart, most probably the best in Johannesburg
  • Variety of Pastries
  • Variety of Biscuits
  • Rusks
  • Cupcakes
  • Fudge and other sweet treats
  • Variety of Bread, specfically seed, old cape, health
  • Variety of Quiches
  • Variety of Pies
  • Sweet and savoury platters
  • Sit down with or take away a great cup of coffee
  • More products being added all the time

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